Deterioration of cartilage and/or bone typically results in inflammation and joint pain.  Over time, this can lead to joint stiffness and poor joint mobility.  Several dietary supplements claim to help reduce the signs and symptoms of joint pain.  Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) have shown to stimulate cartilage and bone growth through osteoinductive properties.  This naturally derived complex (i.e.., BMPs) may help reduce inflammation, decrease stiffness, increase mobility, and/or help preserve the joint architecture as we age or recover from an injury.

The purpose of this study is to understand the impact and potential benefits of Ostinol™, a naturally occurring osteoinductive supplement containing BMPs on joint health, comfort, and function in people with mild to moderate pain, stiffness, and/or inflammation in hip and/or knee joints.

The Center for Applied Health Sciences is looking for 50 men and women (18-65yr) to complete the study. Qualified participants will receive up to $750 in compensation for their time and successful completion of the study.