CAHS is pleased to provide a full turnkey CRO service from study design and protocol development, subject recruitment, IRB approval and trial execution, to professional presentations and scientific publication in peer-reviewed medical journals. Our center’s core competency has been human performance, exercise science, applied nutrition & metabolism. We have recently expanded our breadth into both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical therapeutic applications in areas of endocrinology, metabolic disorders, type-II diabetes, obesity/weight management, inflammatory disorders, bone/joint health, and cardiovascular disease.

The Center for Applied Health Sciences has been instrumental in numerous dietary supplement and nutraceutical clinical trials for safety and efficacy (i.e. substantiation of structure/function claims). We are pleased to provide a full turnkey service from protocol development, subject recruitment and IRB approval, to professional presentations and scientific publication in peer-reviewed medical journals. We have successfully orchestrated both small and large-scale studies from pre-clinical (proof-of-concept) trials to Phase IV trials. All team members are fully qualified, well versed in Good Clinical Practice (GCP)/ International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines, and maintain an extensive research network of scientific personnel.

Just a few examples of our clinical capabilities include:

  • On-site blood, urine, and sweat collection (chemistry profiles, hormone profiles, immune function, metabolomics, genomics/ transcriptomics, etc.)

  • Tissue collection (muscle and fat biopsies) for metabolomics and genomics/ transcriptomics

  • Bioequivalence, Bioavailability, and Dose ascending safety studies

  • Drug interactions

  • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic studies (including food effect)

  • Various of Routes of Administration

  • Body composition (skin-folds, bioimpedance analysis, DEXA) assessment

  • Anaerobic (ventilatory/lactate) threshold & capacity testing

  • Metabolic rate & substrate oxidation measurement

  • Aerobic capacity testing (VO2 max/peak)

  • Strength and power testing

  • Ultrasound