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Hydration is of paramount importance for regulating health and wellness.  Rehydrating is particularly important after a hard workout, after working in the heat, and during times of illness where drinking plain water is not sufficient.  Hence, some hydration beverages are thought to effectively rehydrate your body better than water. Recovery beverages are some of the most mainstream dietary supplements for consumers looking for optimal rehydration.  While there are a wide variety of hydration beverages available, those with a combination of electrolytes and amino acids may be more effective than plain water or those containing only one electrolyte. 

The purpose of this study is to assess the acute (i.e., single dose) effectiveness of the dietary supplement/hydration product Xtend Hydration on markers of hydration status.

The Center for Applied Health Sciences is looking for six (6) young men and women (18-35 yr) to complete the study. Qualified participants will receive up to $1000 in compensation for their time and successful completion of the study.

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