Aging is inevitable, but certain lifestyles and habits can speed up or slow down the process. For example, smoking, alcohol, and sedentary lifestyles can make us age faster. On the other hand, exercise, fasting, and eating a healthy diet help optimize health and longevity. Several natural products (dietary supplements) have recently appeared on the market that claim to promote longevity and “functional life-span” through a variety of mechanisms, including: reducing body weight, decreasing inflammation, improving stress resilience, decreasing blood pressure, and reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

This study will assess the effectiveness of the dietary supplement NAD3® ( on changes in various markers of inflammation and anti-aging over 12 weeks of use.

The Center for Applied Health Sciences is looking for 54 middle-aged and older men and women to complete the study. Qualified participants will receive up to $500 in compensation for their time and successful completion of the study.